A Birth Photographer will help you never forget.

The guts, the glory, the planned + the not-so-planned.

The unique, next-level, super-spesh pivots in time that make up your birth story; I’m here for that. I’m here to be a fly on the wall, I’m here to sensitively capture the fleeting and the momentous, and I’m here to support you and your team in whatever fashion that looks like for you. It is the ultimate privilege for me to be apart of something so special, so intimate and ultimately life changing. When Banjo was born, my Mum got a few quick snaps on my iPhone and I’m certain I’ve looked at those images (and now also Roo’s birth images) a million-gazillion times. If you’re considering hiring a Birth Photographer, as a Mother who has birthed twice, I couldn’t recommend it high enough. You will not regret it.

Feeling a little uneasy about a photographer in the birth suite but really want some super-fresh babe shots? ‘The Squishy Two’ and ‘The Fresh 48’ are packages for families who want images of their brand-new babe without having labour or birth included. It’s a way to capture those very first moments at the hospital or at home, from the first two hours to the first two days of babe being earth side. Packages + FAQ Below.

The Banjo – Push Package

Labour + Birth Photography


Coverage is Inclusive of two shoots: Mini Maternity + labour / birth.

• I am on call for you 24/7 from 38 weeks up until the birth of your babe/babies.
• Coverage from 6-7cm dilation to 1-2 hours post birth.
• Delivery of 100+ individually edited, high and low-resolution images via password protected, digital download.
• A selection of your images displayed in a digital slideshow to music.

Also inclusive of a Mini-Maternity Session before baby arrives . 20 minutes + 10 digital downloads.


The Kendrick – Scheduled C-Section Package

Labour + Birth Photography 

Coverage is inclusive of two shoots: mini maternity + labour / birth.

• I am on call for you 24/7 from 38 weeks until the birth of your babe/babies.
• Your delivery date is reserved just for you.
• Coverage is from admittance to hospital to two hours post birth.
• Delivery of 100+ individually edited, high and low resolution images via password protected, digital download.
• A selection of your images displayed in a digital slideshow to music. 

Also inclusive of a Mini-Maternity Session before baby arrives. 20 minutes + 10 digital downloads.


The Squishy Two – Just Born Package.

Natural newborn / new-mama photography at the place of birth, capturing the first two or so hours after baby is born.


Coverage is inclusive of two shoots: Mini maternity + labour / birth.
• I am on call for you 24/7 from 38 weeks up until the birth of your babe.
• 2 hours at the place of birth.
• This session is fabulous for families that want the ‘just born’ shots without incorporating any labour or birth. This would normally mean that I would be waiting outside of the delivery room until the very moment baby arrives.
• Delivery of 100+ individually edited, high and low resolution images via password protected digital download.
• A selection of your images displayed in a digital slideshow to music.

Also inclusive of a Mini-Maternity Session before baby arrives. 20 minutes + 10 digital downloads.

The Fresh 48 – Newborn Package

Natural Newborn Photography, at the place of birth or home within the first two days after baby is born.



• I am on call for you during the day, from 38 weeks up until two days after the birth of your babe.
•40-60 minutes at the hospital, home or location of your choice.
• This session is usually done that very first morning after baby arrives. Perhaps for the first bath, meeting of siblings or meeting the grandparents etc. 
• Delivery of 80+ individually edited, high and low resolution images via digital download.
• A selection of your images displayed in a digital slideshow to music.

Below you will find more information around how my Births packages work – hopefully these answer some of those burning questions you may have already.

As a mother of a two year old and a seven month old, I have very recently experienced labour and birth. I understand the sacredness and intimacy of the birthing room and am committed to respecting and honouring your birthing space and wishes. I will be there to sensitively document moments otherwise forgotten, the guts, the glory, the unplanned, the raw beauty and the beautiful imperfections that are unique to you, your baby and your birth story.

What hospitals / birth centres / locations do you service?
At the moment I have the capacity to shoot from Trarglon through to Warragul and then to Berwick. This would include all hospitals, birth-centres and homes within a 45min radius from my little home-town of Warragul. If you’re outside of this zone but are still super interested in booking me, please do get in touch. I am always happy to chat and see if there’s anything we can do.
Can we meet before?
Absolutely. I would suggest that we do! Let’s grab a cuppa. We can talk a bit more in depth about what you’re wanting from me. If distance is making things tricky I’m very happy to Facetime or chat over the phone.
How often should we keep in touch?
I like to be in regular contact with you in the lead up to your due date with any info you have after ob/midwife appointments and any potential signs of prelabour. Text messages work really well. You cannot text me enough during the lead up, it doesn’t matter if you text me saying ‘maybe’ and then nothing comes of it. I do ask that you call me (or even just prank and then text me) for any major event such as regular contractions, broken waters or if you’re on the way to the hospital. Once you’re in early labour partners/midwives/mothers usually keep me updated and it’s important that I have regular contact with someone on how your progressing during labour.
Should I tell my Healthcare Providers that I’m having a photographer?

Yes, for sure. It’s really very important that your healthcare providers know that I am coming. We can chat a little more in depth about this once we are in touch.

When do you like to come in?

I like to be with you once you’re in active labour, around 6-7cm dilated. 

During your labour you don’t need to talk to me at all. I’ll come and say ‘hi’ and let you know I’m there when I first arrive but after that I won’t speak to you unless you initiate a chat.

What happens if my baby decides to join us earth side out of the ‘on call’ window of 38-42 weeks?

That’s fine. I am 100% on call for you from 38 weeks, meaning I do not travel and I book limited other sessions during this time. If you happen to have your baby outside of this window I will still do everything in my power to get there for labour/birth.

Will you leave if my labour is stalling or stretching out longer than we anticipated?

There is no timeframe for me to leave. Meaning, that if we thought things were progressing faster than they actually are, I will stay as long as it takes until your baby arrives. I may just need to step out for a little while to refuel so I am in good shape for when baby does join us.

I’m wanting to labour in dim or no lighting, do you use a flash?

I do try to avoid flash. If your labour/birth is in dim or no lighting your images will be a little grainy. I’ve got a great camera for low light conditions but without a flash the images do have more grain to them. The grain I actually find beautiful as it does bring a great mood and feel to your images. If you’re labouring in total darkness or in very dim light I will probably open a door slightly to let a slither of light in while I’m with you. Or, I’ll take advantage of any time a midwife pops in to do her observations. I do have a flash in my kit and will use it though if conditions call for it. We can chat about this once we are in touch. 

What happens if there is an emergency situation in the room or I’m whisked off for an unplanned or emergency caesarean section?

If there is an emergency in the room I will continue to sensitively and respectfully document until I’m asked to leave. Having these images later can be a helpful tool for you to aid in understanding/processing the labour and birth. If you are taken for an emergency c-section it is highly unlikely that I’ll be able to join you. I will be waiting to greet you all as soon as you all come out of theatre to capture those very first moments of you and your newest family member.

How long after my babe is born do you stay?

Usually 1 – 2 hours. This is normally enough time to capture those very first moments, a first feed and if everything is going smoothly their weight and measurements.

Aww, I so want birth photography but I’m nervous and self-conscious. Do you photograph absolutely everything?

This is entirely up to you. Personally, I’m all for capturing the entire, epic story. I always find the whole story so wonderful to document, however it happens. But, I’m absolutely not going to pressure you into anything that you are not comfortable with. We can chat about what you’d like captured and if there’s anything you’d like me to avoid – that’s no problem at all.

What if I’m having a planned c-section, can you come in?
If you’re birthing at Warragul, they generally only allow one support person in theatre. In most cases a birthing mother would choose her partner or main support person. If you want a photographer during the c-section as well as your main support person, it’s really important that you discuss that with your Ob to see if it is something we can do. This is your unique birth story and if a photographer cannot be present in theatre, it is still so worth having the lead up to theatre and the few hours after captured.
I don’t want my labour documented but I do want those very first moments straight after baby is born captured, can we do that?

For sure, The Squishy Two is great way to have babe’s very first moments doumented without the actual labour or birth included.

What if you miss my birth?

Birth is utterly unpredictable, I will do absolutely everything in my power to be there and I would be so disappointed if I did miss it. However, due to the nature of how unpredictable birth is there cannot be a 100% guarantee. If myself or my back-up photographer miss your birth due to something on our end, I am unwell or something exceptional has occurred, I will still try to get there as soon as possible to document those first moments, you will also receive a 100% refund minus the deposit. The deposited amount may also be used as a credit towards another package. If I have missed the birth due to a lack of communication on your end or baby came faster than anyone predicted, there are no refunds, however, I will still get there as soon as reasonably possible.

I’m totally wanting my newborn captured but I want to be showered and settled into my room etc.

The Squishy Two, is a perfect way to document your newborn at hospital or home within the first two days of the birth, without having labour or birth included. 

Are you going to post my birth images on social media?
I will always seek approval before posting any images on social media. This is done by asking you to sign a photography release document for any specific images. And of course, you can say ‘HECK NO, Kristy – are you nuts!” – that’s completely understandable and I will never be upset or disappointed if this is the case.
Why does birth photography seem so expensive?

I completely understand why this question comes up. Some people assume that birth photography might be similarly priced to a portrait session. But because birth is so unpredictable, I essentially go on-call for you as soon as you hire me. I’m ready to join your family – day or night – be it right on your due date, at 38 week, at 42 weeks. It’s a sacrifice I love to make for my clients, but it does require a lifestyle that’s very different from most. I don’t really ever get “off time”. We can’t take a family road trip while on call or do anything impromptu more than an hour from our home. By charging as much as I do, I can stay with you as long as your labour takes. Some women give birth in 6 hours, other women in 30. Each birth is different, unique and unpredictable.
I’m also able to purchase and maintain the very best photography equipment. My cameras are uniquely equipped to handle the immense demands of low light. A lot of people aren’t aware of how much professional birth photography costs, but it truly is some of the most challenging photography out there and it’s so worth hiring an expert. I not only want you to have beautiful images, I also want you to feel like you hired someone who truly understands and respects the sacredness of the birth process.

Do you need a deposit?

I require a $300 non-refundable deposit to hold your date and the entire amount paid four weeks prior to your due date.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, I offer interest free payment plans. I want to help make birth photography accessible to anyone who is interested in it. There’s truly nothing like looking back on your birth story, and every single birthing mother and her family deserves the option to have these precious moments documented.

Kind Words

Kristy, wow! Where to even start?! Choosing you to be apart of our birth was without a doubt the best “last minute decision” we have ever made! Our photos are incredible, so many raw emotions captured in each image. They give me goosebumps still & a rush of oxytocin everytime! 10 months later Xav & I still sit there looking at them with the biggest smiles on our faces & tears in our eyes (literally) just in awe of how amazing they are!! We are in love with every single shot, your attention to detail is astounding and looking through them takes us right back to the birth suite that Friday afternoon. One of the best days of our lives.

With very short notice you met us up at the hospital, arriving just behind us. After seeing your friendly face, I completely forgot that you were even there. You bought a beautiful calming presence to our birth. I appreciated that our birthing environment with minimal stimulation/ distractions etc was not affected at all by having you there. Thankyou for taking the time to “customise” and ask us which stages/ images in particular we really wanted captured eg) our faces when our baby boy’s gender was revealed to us. And also offering to respect our privacy if there was any moments we did not want photographed. We were surprised at how quickly we received our images back from you, the love and dedication that you have for your work shines through every shot.

As a midwife myself, I have worked with several birth photographers before and seen many birthing images but you Kristy, are next level! You are an absolute natural at professional birthing photography, this is your calling!

To be completely honest Xav was a little sceptical when I first told him I’d booked a birthing photographer but he can not speak more highly of you. Looking through these photos together as a family we have laughed, sighed, oooohed, ahhhed & cried tears of joy!! The absolute best!!

One thing is certain, any future babies for us and we will be begging you to capture those births too. We would recommend you to ANYONE and EVERYONE without a moments pause. The precious moments that you managed to capture are priceless, they are some of our most precious possessions- ever! We will continue to get immense joy from these images for years and decades to come. Thankyou for being apart of our birth & capturing one of the most special times in our lives! We will be forever grateful you were there.

– Kel + Xav. |  Births.

Kind Words

When my daughter told me she was having birth photography done I was a little apprehensive because I was a midwife and knew that too many people and bright lights in the birth room can negatively effect a birth. My fears vanished when Kristy was present for the birth of my first grandchild. She was very discreet and quiet . No flashes were used and we were hardly aware that she was there. There was no silly posing and she respected the sanctity of birth. The photos were brilliant. If you want your baby’s birth captured by camera Kristy is the photographer I would choose with out a doubt. The photos of the baby’s head crowning were amazing, and so great for the birthing mother to see! Thank you so much Kristy xoxo

– Frances, Mother of birthing women + Midwife. | Births .

Kind Words

I have to say you’re so discreet and respectful of the birth space, it’s hard to notice you’re in there, then… These glorious photos!! You’re great at what you do.

– Jill, Midwife. | Births.