Weddings + Fam-Bams.

Weddings + Fam-Bams.

Weddings + Fam-Bams.

Weddings + Fam-Bams.

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Tousled Art for the Madly in Love.

Ethereal + Dreamy photography

Birth Photographers Award - Best in Postpartum 2020


Images you feel,

not just see.

hey-hey, i'm kristy

I am a photographer based in Gippsland, in the land down under. I make images that portray authentic connections and emotions between people in love. I aim to deliver my clients a high quality product, something they would be proud to hang on their walls as ART. Images you feel, not just see. Getting ‘the shot’ is not just about being handy with a camera, it's about the overall experience; the relationships I build with my clients and the mutual trust we form together. From the moment you contact me, to the moment I deliver your final product, my aim is to make your feel maxo-relaxo. I’m honoured + so bloody stoked to document some of life's greatest milestones.

Headlining Lovers


Kristy did a beyond incredible job of capturing our wedding day.

Kind Words - beaut people.

Her refreshing creativity, unique attention to detail, ability to make everyone feel super relaxed and skill in taking the most beautiful, candid shots made the whole experience more perfect than I could have ever hoped for. The day can be a bit of a blur, so Kristy's skill in capturing those little moments (especially the ones you don't realise are being captured) is such a gift. She is super passionate, talented, professional and a total gem of a human - I can not recommend her high enough.

Talitha + Jarryd

Melbourne. Australia